2011年05月02日 - 14:31:30

 Hi I am from Japan. and I am looking for a job in Geelong.  Does anyone know any available jobs, a good website, or a good place to look for a job?

Also, please let me know about any useful info about Geelong.

Sorry about the English. I don't have PC.

Thank you for your time.

[1] Geelong Exchange
2011年05月02日 - 16:41:29

 I'm not entirely sure how useful it would be for you, but just for your information, the following website might be of use.

Geelong Exchange

Good luck on your job hunting and your new life in Geelong.



[2] info
2011年05月04日 - 14:56:51

You should get Wed and Sat's Geelong Advertiser(local newspaper).

You dont have to buy them. Just go to library for free.

What kind of job are you looking for?

[3] info
2011年05月04日 - 15:02:57

If you want to be a waiter or cook or chef,you should go water front area.

Good luck!!