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施術をお受け頂いた方々の感想 Testimonials for Shiatsu
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「I have been having a number of Shiatsu treatments with Megumi over the past few years & always get a deep & lasting result from her treatments.
I am a Teacher of oil massage & have been massaging myself for 30 years so as you can imagine I have had 100s of massages !! 
Megumi comes highly recommended, she is focused, effective, articulate & deeply intuitive with a desire to heal others all the combinations of a top class Therapist !!」

- Jennifer Berrigde , Sandringham VIC  July 2013

「I recently received Shiatsu treatments from Megumi which met my particular needs on several levels.
I found Megumi's treatment room to be peaceful and tranquil which amplified her character and presence as well and even before receiving the treatment I felt very nurtured and secure in her presence.
Megumi used several essential oils during the treatment which were very calming and energising as well.
The Shiatsu session addressed my physical tensions in a very subtle way but, I was very aware of how Megumi had brought that change about.
The discomfort and congestion cleared and resolved.
A great response that met my needs in a special way. I highly recommend Megumi's treatments for anyone wanting their physical pain or congestion relieved.」

- Howard Evans , Ballarat VIC  September 2013

「I first visited Megumi early this year as I was experience imbalance in my life which had caused some physical complaints to manifest. 
Upon first meeting  Megumi, I felt completely at ease.  Megumi has a  kind, welcoming nature and  a very professional approach to her shiatsu  treatment.
The first few sessions  brought about some big changes and  later, as I noticed an overall feeling of  "better", my treatments became more  sparse, revisiting Megumi as the need  arose. 
I have recommended family and close friends to see Megumi and will  continue  to do so. 
You will be cared for in a peaceful, welcoming environment by a smart and insightful lady.」

   - Kristin Cavicchiolo , Bentleigh VIC November 2013

「I have received Shiatsu treatments from Megumi for a while now and from the very first sessions I’ve notice an improvement in my the overall state and especially in the areas where I was feeling severe pain.

I work from my computer most of the time and suffer from neck and lower back pain and the sessions helped release it and they also had a very calming effect.

More importantly, Megumi’s holistic approach brings about a state of peace and serenity which is a very welcome change. I highly recommend her Shiatsu treatment.」 

- Horia Traian, Sandringham VIC, April 2014

「I have received Shiatsu and Reiki massages from Megumi for several months this year. This has substantially contributed to improvements in my wellbeing. I have greatly appreciated Megumi’s holistic approach, experience and professionalism.
Having experienced myself the benefits of both Reiki and Shiatsu massages, I have decided to become a practitioner myself. Megumi was my teacher for Level 1 and Level 2 for Reiki. She also inspired me to enrol in the Shiatsu Massage diploma, which I am currently undertaking. 」

 - Silvana Suciu, Boronia VIC, July 2014

「 Megumi, I just wanted to thank you. I can already feel an improvement in that spot on my lower back. I would have thought that the firm decompressing pressure that Thai Massage did would have done more and that your more '' internal '' method would have less of a (noticeable) affect. But to my happy surprise it seems to be the opposite - just like most true things in this world .
I am looking forward to my next appointment with "Dr." Megumi .」

 - David Morris, St.Kilda East VIC, July 2014

I cannot recommend Megumi highly enough as a Shiatsu Practitioner. Her skilful diagnosis and treatment, which is enhanced with diet modifications and use of therapeutic essential oils have improved my wellbeing to no end.
The benefits of the treatment were almost immediately noticeable and frankly, amazing!

Megumi is very professional and has a gentle and compassionate nature which makes you feel completely at ease and able to enjoy the benefits of the treatment, which is so important.

If you wish to heal or nurture yourself, Megumi will certainly support you on your journey....」

 - Carolyn Chandler, Mentone VIC, August 2014




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